Do you feel like infusions serve you best when used as part of your regular health-care or diet & exercise regimen?

We do too. So we got it covered!

·24 Infusions Paid With Credits

·2 infusions/month (reg price $189)

·20% off remaining services

→Option 1: Monthly @ $340

→Option 2: Yearly @ $310 (In a one-time payment of $3,720)

Follow the instructions below to access your membership...



STEP 1: Log into your account on the Hydreight App. Once logged in, locate the MEMBERSHIP tab in the menu. Click to enter.




STEP 3: Click on AZ Fluid Infusion (if you’re in the Prescott area, our friends at Aboost Wellness can help you too!)

STEP 4 OPTION 1: Choose your plan! There is a monthly option at $340 for two infusions each month, using 18.9 credits for each infusion (choose between any infusion with a regular price of $189),  totaling 37.8 credits monthly. Your infusions at the regular price of $189, on the Monthly Membership, saves you a grand total of $456 for 24 infusions annually! Book as you go. On your 3rd infusion and beyond in the same month, enjoy 20% off on ANY infusion.
OR STEP 4 OPTION 2: Want to pay for the year in advance? Just like the monthly membership, but take an ADDITIONAL $30/mo off and make one payment of $3,720 for a year consisting of 24 infusions. Your infusions at the regular price of $189, on the Yearly Membership, saves you a grand total of $816 for 24 infusions annually! Still book as you go. Remember, your 3rd infusion and beyond in the same month will be 20% off (ANY infusion!)

OPTION 1: Click PAY NOW for monthly. If you need to cancel, for any reason, please leave 30 days notice in advance and we will discontinue billing. Once payment has been made, no refunds will be given.


OPTION 2: Click PAY NOW to choose the yearly! Note: The area showing “billed monthly” is to demonstrate your price break-down only. You will be responsible for a one-time payment in full. All sales are final.



Choosing to invest in an infusion membership is a wonderful way to show your body the love it craves. It is an investment in your health. We appreciate your commitment to your well-care and look forward to being on this exciting wellness journey with you.

Thank you for choosing AZ Fluid Infusion!



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